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s and '80s and 2000's. what i found every time we cut tax rates like mitt romney is talking about now, two things happen, melissa. the growth rate of the economy went up. that is a good thing. secondly even more surprising the fell, the share of taxes paid by the rich increased. melissa: i love your book, steve. petite, manageable. see, its brilliance is contained in a petite package so you can get through the whole thing. thanks so much. thanks for coming on the show. good luck with the book. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: here is the question of the day, do you think rich people pay enough taxes? i enjoyed reading everybody's responses on twitter. or follow me on twitter, melissaafrancis. i tweeted back a lot of your remarks. >> a presidential diss? mayor bloomberg takes a pass on a presidential visit to new york city. i think it is a smart move. possibly my favorite government official is here to disagree with me. that is coming up next. >>> plus sanctions are sending iran's economy into chaos but its stock market is killing it, gaining 30% in three
government. what the romney ryan campaign this entire year is government is bad. including fema. >> romney was against fema up until three days aao. now he loves fema. melissa: brad, respond to that. >> we are for accountability. we're for providing service to the people need. >> so am i. >> we agree that is the pub position. the problem with democrats they believe government is the answer to all problems. >> that is not true. melissa: don't get off topic, how do the democrats turn this into votes or can they at this point? >> bottom line is this, good governance is good politics. the president is practicing good governance. he is appearing with governor chris christie who is one much his harshest critics and getting praise from him. that could only translate into good thinks for the president. melissa: brad, is this too little too late. >> too little too state. storm's devastation in very blue states like new jersey and new york which would go to obama anyway. the key battleground states decide the election, good news they weren't as devastated as blue states were. so the fact of the matt
disaster. what does romney do? melissa: got 16 million people who need more jobs at a rate -- four years 194,000 how long would it take to 16 million back to work four years for 194,000. i'm going to be dead by the time everyone is back to work. you've bn talking a lot. i will will give you last word. >> romney wants to deregulate wall street tax breaks for the wealthy and do european style austerity where the eurozone has 11.7% unemployment. melissa: not where we want to go. all right. >> that is last word. nice to be with you again. melissa: thanks for coming on. coming up on money, zen and campaign ads don't exactly go together. one republican candidate is bringing voters much-needed r&r he is special laugh -- especially after the last segment. he is here in a fox business exclusive to give you a break from all the fighting. at the end of the day it is all about money. ♪ email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant
the president which would more than likely be mitt romney the senate picks the vice president richard b. joe biden. jjhn: i was surprised rutherford hayes one by one vote to elect corley and bush/gourde it was five. it could happen. >> it is of close election and remember we have a fragile system the government today and struggling to earn the legitimacy the way the election process is playing out is on helping. john: coming up i show how big government program allowed me to get you to pay for my beach house. what a scam. john: now a disaster and election myth. the destruction produced by hurricane sandy men not be bad for the economy. >> sometimes they're not harmful because there is extract work with three construction and rehabilitation. >> one analyst says there could be long term benefits of reconstructions. john: we hear that before paul krugman claims 9/11 would be good for the economy. after the earthquake in haiti and to oppose the said this could be a boom economy for haiti. john: and appealing concept for the simple-minded. i want to help so i have an idea. i will do this. i will
. if president ama is reelected or if governor romney wins the eltion, i would think it does make sense for us to have negotiations with iran. we certainly have the time and space available to do that. negotiations don't mean at all that you give away the store. negotiations mean that you try to stop them from building a nuclear weapon but try to do it by peaceful diplomatic means with a threat of force behin you. if negotiations don't succeed you always have that option of force. melissa: yeah. >> so i think it does make sense we would try to negotiate. melissa: if they pomise to sit down one-on-one and talk that is always a chance of a stalling tactic. you keep a date and exactly do what you're doi and in essence we lose time, right? >> not necessarily, no because the international atomic energy agency is inspecting the iranian nuclear enrichment plants. we have a pretty good idea what is happening in iran and there is really nobody in washington saying we should use force right now. i'm not aware of a single politician in the democratic or republican parties who believe we should go to war
in this storm but we're hearing talk of generators. now the president's campaign and mitt romney's isrupt ited by all the bad weather. both of them canceling and skipping events today. the president returning here to the white house to meet with his emergency response team in the white house situation room this morning and to oversee the crisis response. afterwards he briefed reporters who asked him if he is worried about the storms disrupting the election next week? >> i'm not worried at this point about the impact on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families and i'm worry about impact on first-responders. i'm worried about the impact on our economy. and on transportation. you know, the election will take care of itself next week. melissa: now the president obviously has center stage here in his role as commander-in-chief. governor romney we're hearing though may now tour the storm damage in virginia and new jersey once the hurricane passes. melissa. melissa: peter barnes, thanks so much. speaking of the election, just as the storm is causing blackouts my next guest says our whol
. the market, whenever we get a result, obama or romney goes up the because i think it is clarity. market likes clarity. liquidity is good i think to get in ahead of the election. melissa: you think we'll see selling tomorrow but it will be pretty muted, not a lot of downward pressure is that your bottom line? >> i expect a lot of volume first 30 minutes and 60 minutes into the trading as people reposition to close up books for the month but overall i don't think it will be a huge day. melissa: that is another huge factor tomorrow is the end. monday and its halloween and it will be spooky no matter what. scott, thanks very much. >> keep it scary, melissa. melissa: president obama proposing, speaking of scary, a secretary of business, cabinet position. who doesn't want government more involved in business? >>> look at one of the craziest videos to come out of the superstorm. the collapse of this crane on the 90th floor of a high-rise in midtown manhattan. "piles of money" coming up. it is impact from the storm all straight ahead. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. an
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)